Faith Formation K-9
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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16


Welcome to St. Rose of Lima’s
Faith Formation RESET Program 2021-22
Grades K-9

Video: Msgr. Harahan introduces the SRL Faith Formation RESET 2021-2022 program. 
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Faith Formation Office

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The St Rose of Lima Faith Formation RESET Program is a NEWLY restructured program that will be a Family Based Program centered around the weekly Sunday 9:30 AM Outdoor Mass.  Sunday Mass is the first level of catechesis and the best way to engage families back to the love of God is by sharing together in the Eucharist at Mass.  Therefore, attending weekly Sunday Mass is one part of the program.  The other part of the program will vary depending on what grade your child is in. 

We invite families to stay and become a part of these monthly lessons or discussions since we want this to be Family based and not a drop off program of classroom instruction as done in the past. Download the 2021-2022 Faith Formation Calendar HERE

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Registered Families: 
If you are a registered Faith Formation family, click the following link to begin registration: Make sure you begin at a SIGN-IN SCREEN where you have to enter your Realm ID and Password.  This way the system will link your registration to your family data so you can "check off" your children's name when registering.
New Families:
If your family is new to our parish and your child has never attended Faith Formation classes at St. Rose, you probably don't have a Realm account set-up.  Therefore, email and you will receive a separate email from onrealm notifications where you can set up your account ID and Password.  Check your inbox and/or spam folder for the Realm invitation email.
Tuition Fees:
$30 per month/per family or $300.00 per year/per family. Please note is this is not per student.
Sacramental Fees:
If your child is receiving a sacrament this year - First Eucharist (2nd grader) or Confirmation (9th grader), make sure to select the additional Sacramental Fee option per child when registering.  This will add an additional $100 fee per student for sacraments to your tuition.